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However, it was only in 1977 that Bobby McFerrin decide to become a singer. At one point he met Bill Cosby who arranged for him take part in the 1980 Playboy Jazz Festival. It was only two years later where he released his firm album called "Bobby McFerrin" in 1982. It was in 1983, that Bobby McFerrin started converting without a band. This eventually led him to make a solo tour in Germany. It was in Germany that he recorded his album "The Voice". From that point on, he continued to make solo tours in the most prestigious locations. It is also important to realize that Bobby McFerrin worked with several important people like Garrison Keillor, Jack Nicholson, and Joe Zawinul. On "Another Night in Tunisia", Bobby McFerrin won two Grammies.

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“In hospice, there’s one song that we sing called ‘Angel Band.’ It talks about the angels singing and bringing you into heaven — that type of thing. I always just think of growing up and having a joyful sendoff to whoever just died.”

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“All Shook Up” 10th-13th May 2017. See the pictures from the show here Thanks to Crispin Goodall for supplying them. Click or tap any picture to start the slideshow. The “All Shook Up” gallery may

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Mary Christine Brockert better known as Teena Marie was one of the greatest singers of her generation. Her distinct rich and soulful voice defined American pop music in the 1980s. Known for her powerful vocals and amazing song-writing skills, she became one of the most celebrated voices in R&B despite being of Italian, Irish, Portuguese and Native American descent. African Americans embraced her unique and iconic sound of rhythm and blues music. With hits such as “Square Biz,” “I Need Your Lovin,” and “Lovergirl," Teena became the most successful white solo act in Motown history. Her labelmate Rick James further helped the young songstress to cross over to black audiences. The two were very close up until his death in 2004. She passed away just six years later in December 2010.

Singers Unlimited, The - A CapellaSingers Unlimited, The - A CapellaSingers Unlimited, The - A Capella