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Apollo is armed with a sword, which can fire charged blasts of energy. He can also take a number of hits (between one and five, depending on the settings of the arcade cabinet and the health power-ups obtained), though the large size of the sprite makes dodging fire more difficult than many other arcade shooters. Getting killed will take you back to an earlier checkpoint. The primary difference between Phelios and Namco’s other vertical shooters is that while there are ground-based enemies, there is no separate bomb button, so they can be destroyed with regular attacks.

Helios did not play a major part in Greek mythology, as he was eventually replaced by Apollo . However, one of the best known stories around Helios revolves around his son Phaeton, who tried to drive his father's chariot; however, he lost control and set the earth on fire. He also appears in the Homeric Epic, the Odyssey, in which Odysseus and his men reached an island dedicated to the god. There, Odysseus ' men, starving, killed some of the cattle and Helios was infuriated; he complained to Zeus and threatened that he would take the sun and make it shine in the Underworld. So, Zeus destroyed the ship of Odysseus with a lightning bolt, killing of all of the men except for Odysseus .

Phelios - 27.05.2008Phelios - 27.05.2008Phelios - 27.05.2008Phelios - 27.05.2008